Why the Instagram announcement isn’t “reely” a reason to worry.

The other week Instagram’s CEO announced some changes to the strategy of the social network, adding more focus to videos, or reels, as they call them. Which then sent weird waves through social media influencers talking about this “fundamental” change.

But, there is actually no reason to panic and shift your strategy. Photos will be vocal point of the platform for years to come but now there’s more mediums to think about. So here are things you can do.

Changing to videos is to keep up with competitors.

The changes announced by the Instagram CEO were not to highlight new product direction but to highlight the platforms already functioning video options. This shift, in my eyes, does not change the main focus for Instagram but is to make its users think about the other methods of sharing.

With TikTok growing in popularity in the new generation and older networks failing, Instagram need a new way to keep users from leaving. Facebook has already seen its users wain in the new generation and Instagram don’t want to go the same way. So it’s getting ahead of the game. In the fast moving market of digital by the time Instagram actually release the new focus on videos, there will no doubt be a new, more important, way to share content.

Making use of reels

As a small business, this new focus will already be giving you big benefits. Like any other social media, Instagram will be gauging success of the announcement by weighting the algorithm to reels and other new formats they want to push. Take for example when YouTube released their community poll function.

What this basically means is, Instagram reels will more than likely get you more views and interactions than your photo posts will. This is to get more people using the functions because they get a better rate of return. There are also a couple of things you can do to make the most of it.

Jump on the bandwagon

TikTok is home to many of the viral trends that get about these days – it tends to be ground zero for all of them. As a small business, it is likely that you’ll come across some relevant ones to you and use them.

These same trends will be over on Instagram and if you’ve not used them on TikTok then you should be finding them and joining in on them.

Reuse old content

The new weighting on reels means that videos you posted to other places, or even on your Instagram to begin with, that ended with little or no traction on the network might now be worth retrying. It is likely that they will get double or even triple the views now.

It’s not a repost if someone hasn’t seen it before and it honestly might fit into one of the new trends.

Experiment a little and try something new

What is exciting for small businesses is this new focus gives you room to try something different, experiment and who knows you might actually start a new trend. No one knows what goes viral, or why, and you might strike a cord and that’ll be good for business.

One thing is for sure – don’t throw out the plan

This announcement changes very little about how the platform will work. Videos will likely be joining the platform in a bigger way over the coming months but Instagram is a photo sharing platform first and foremost and won’t be changing their main product just because their competitors are seeing success.

You should look at your existing plan and think about how you can bring videos into your current ideas, there’s no time to be making a new plan with new ideas when they might not even be as successful.

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