Ensuring A Small Tourism Business Made A Noise Online


As a small business in a bustling city in the UK, keeping your digital marketing up to scratch becomes increasingly important. The customer had an incredibly out of date and hard to maintain an online presence, with a lack of support and understanding.


Website redesign

As part of the service, I completely dismantled the current website which had major security vulnerabilities due to it being based on a custom-built CMS. Installed a brand new CMS that had regular updates, open-source codebase and a friendly community to get quick and easy advice – without needing to contact a developer.

Consultancy & advice

As part of my service of upgrading the website I gave them consultancy and advice on how utilising social media would give them an enhanced presence on the bay.

I also helped them understand more about the CMS that they were using and how to make important content edits without requiring the help of a developer.


After the work, I had done for the customer they had another few years in business with a successful increase of people using their website to find out more about their attraction.

They were also able to make seasonal edits to their website to inform their visitors of important changes, with the easy to use and quickly updatable CMS.

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