Enhancing The Online Reach of a Health Supplies Organisation


Growing an online presence for a national business in the UK to grow sales from its website. This was required to be done without the use of social media, due to their alignment with a larger brand, and using on-site methods only.

The website already had a large user base but a terrible cart conversion rate and poor search engine ranking.



The first change was changing its image style. Removing useless or confusing stock photos and replacing them with vendor-approved images or self-made imagery. This was in an effort to improve interest from users and increase conversions.

The second change was creating new graphics and a promotional calendar of sale, or special, events that they could take advantage of over the year. Christmas, Halloween, and Bank Holidays. This was to entice any users to make impulse purchases

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

To help with audience growth there was a requirement to improve the website’s SEO. To do this I targeted a select amount of products that would have high appeal to the customers and had a high-profit margin for the seller. I then optimised each of these pages to search results to help improve the chance of conversion from new visitors.


The website moved up the search rankings for key search terms and saw an increase in sales on its eCommerce platform. A small redesign of its navigation bar made the website easier to use as well.

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