Working with bloggers and freelancers to maximise the use of Google Analytics.

The problem

As the internet becomes more accessible and gives everyone the ability to become an influencer, I received requests to help several bloggers and freelancers with their digital marketing presence. This included understanding and using Google Analytics.

The main challenge for my customers was not only understanding Analytics but also use that data to improve their digital performance and focus their budget on the most important campaigns.


There was no blanket solution for all of these customers, there was a variety of different problems and use cases including stand-alone blogs, tourism websites, and consultancies. So each business had a different set of requirements from their Analytics.

Using continued consultancy and workshops to create understanding

Because of the differing requirements from each person, there was a requirement to create bespoke training sessions focusing on each use case. This enabled each customer to receive help unique to each of their problems and I could assess the level of grasp through technical sections of the analytics workflow.

Want to find out more?

The service offered to bloggers was part of my Management and Consultancy services and is also offered to small businesses and charities.

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