Building effective landing pages and some key tools to help you.

Something that is important for digital campaigns are landing pages. In fact, landing pages are the linchpin that is holding your whole campaign together and can be the difference between a poor, good, or great campaign.

But creating the right landing page for your campaign can be difficult, a lot of people try to throw too much on the page while others go the other way completely and put barely anything on it.

So what are the key considerations you should make when creating your landing page and which factors are the most important?

Your content is the foundation of any good landing page

Content for all its power, seems to be forgotten by a lot of people. They think that a product or a service stands on its own and if you have a fancy enough looking image then people will convert.

However, this is not the case. In fact, lack of information will turn people away more than it will bring people in. Being precise and to the point, sharing any USPs are core importance to converting people on your landing page.

What are your call to actions? Understand your page goals.

Never underestimate the power of your call to actions. When building a landing page, knowing what you want your audience to end up doing is one of the key important factors.

Image: An example of a poor landing page.

An example of bad landing pages: bland and too many options in the call-to-action box

Do you want them to download something? Get in touch with you for more information? Sign up to a newsletter? There are many things your landing page can do, so getting this right is important.

You should also think carefully about arrangements for your key call to actions. You want to make sure that the colour of any buttons isn’t being drowned out by other elements, the words should gain interest of your audience, and your forms shouldn’t be too long.

Long forms are another key killer of landing pages, I’ve come across a lot of websites that ask for everything when downloading something. From first and last name, to email, phone, and company information. You want to make a landing page as easy as you can, minimal information is important immediately and you can grow customer knowledge as you build their profile.

SEO isn’t important on a landing page

Sometimes there will be a lot of focus on the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of a landing page. But you shouldn’t need it to rank, a campaign usually has other major mediums.

However, this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t rank on search engines. If your content is focused enough with unique content that has a relatively easy keyword then you can easily make it rank. But do not let this be the focus.

When promoting a campaign landing page then you are much more likely to get better results from social media or other means. Because you can use these in a more regular direct selling approach.

Making a Good CTA

WordStream has a great post here highlighting the key things to think about when making a call-to-action for landing pages. Although there is no exact science to how you should be wording these on landing pages because every audience is different, the tips here are a great start.

There is also debate on whether there is a right colour for a call-to-action and whether a blue button works better than a red button. I’ve never properly tested this so can’t answer the question.

However, if you are running a campaign and have a few options on what you want to try, then definitely try A/B testing.

Building your landing pages: third party builders.

Sometimes you might not have the coding knowledge, or time, to build completely custom landing pages and that’s perfectly fine. Especially as a small business.

There are some great tools on the market, the three highlighted below are the ones I’ve worked with.

An example of good landing pages: clear call-to-actions and good images


Probably my favourite of all the landing pages tools, it’s got a very simple interface and has all of the features you need to build killer pages. Although it might seem a bit expensive it’s a very good tool for the money.

Lead Pages

This one is less expensive than Unbounce, but I always found it slightly more confusing to use. If you are looking for a good middle-ground though then you should give this one a shot.


This is free and lacks a lot of key features for good landing pages and I’ve always disliked it but if you want to give simple ones a shot then this is definitely one to try.

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