Boosting interaction and engagement on social media

Social media has become a core part of marketing, growing from an obscure and unimportant extra to a must have. Now ROI and measuring success is under the spotlight – although free to use, justification of the time spent to create and manage communities takes resources. Engagement is a great success metric and it’s one that I use but how do you relate that back to business performance and can you boost it?

Engagement and interactions as a success metric

In most terms, a good engagement rate on social media is a sign of a successful account with it signalling growth and good content. But in boardrooms and to investors this means next to nothing, they want to know in numerical terms how this helps the business.

Social Media can’t do this on its own. A common mistake to make is assume that singularly, social media is its own success but couple it with actionable or converting goals and you’re standing a better chance of winning over further investment.

If you need to do it alone, then setting metrics of what success looks like is a good plan; average engagement rates and that sort of thing.

Boosting engagement rate

There is no sure fire way to boost engagement but there are some types of posts that help:


Rich media at it’s also known, has been used for a number of years now as a good way to potentially boost engagement. They work quite well because, unlike a picture, they draw the eye more just text because of the continuous movement.


Another form of rich media, GIFs are non-audio short form looping video and are excellent at getting across key messages. Best used at lengths of 10 to 15 seconds.

Links & Quote Statuses

Something that isn’t thought of that much is the sharing of other news and good social media statuses. This immediately kick-starts engagement from the original poster which can encourage much more.

The key to increasing engagement though is much simpler

Keeping an active presence and engaging with other accounts is the best way to grow your engagement and presence online. Mixing all elements of what’s mentioned above, text posts and regular posts is the key to success.

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