About Matt DSGNS

Matt DSGNS is an experienced marketing professional based in Scotland offering marketing consultancy and management services to small and medium sized enterprises, charitable and single-person organisations as well as freelancers across the Central Belt and the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

An understanding of multiple marketing disciplines.

I began my journey in marketing working on websites and grew my disciplines out to include traditional and digital techniques. Since then I have grown to include both of these in strategies focused on growing the sales pipeline, increasing brand awareness and adjusting brand perception.

A focus on increasing sales, not just followers and engagement. 

Now I am a multi-disciplinary marketing professional and help businesses with a multitude of initiatives including event organisation, social media management, website management, and agency management.

My focus on marketing isn’t just to create a brand that gets engagement and impressions but create a marketing plan that converts leads and prospects into customers through nurturing programs. My main aim is to create an environment that your brand can grow and your marketing department becomes core to your revenue.

I believe that utilising these methods secures the future growth of businesses I work with and the department itself. 

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