Improving website traffic: 3 key things to remember.

Your website is your biggest asset, it is your shop window and will be selling things for you when no one else is there. As a small business, having a sales team on your side 24/7 is invaluable.

In order to make the most of your website, here are the key things you need to remember when you are trying to improve traffic. Although these are not guarantees, they will help steer you in the right direction.

1. Content is king, build out your website.

People will come to you if your content is good, so you definitely need to be on top of what you are putting out. This doesn’t mean creating a blog or having an online store, but planning out the correct content. Something that resonates with your audience but puts across your brand message.

In order to make your website work, you need to make sure that it shows off what you need it to. Create effective user journeys to make sure your visitors are finding the right information on your website at the right time. Leading them to conversion at the right point.

Don’t skimp on content either, ensure your images and videos are as high quality as you can get and try to avoid useless stock photos. Imagery will pull people in and your written content will sell the rest.

But don’t create content for the sake of creating content, the key to your website is to make it direct and easy to find the information they want. Your navigation bar will be key, keeping it tight and simple.

2. Search will help you, so understand the basics.

Get to know what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is and how it can help your website grow and increase organic visitors to your website. Even if this means getting some basic help from courses or a local SEO expert.

Local SEO can be incredibly important in the long run and making small tweaks from the inception of your website will make sure that your rankings grow as you grow.

Utilising key tools to help you on your SEO journey including Neil Patel and Yoast, alongside other tools like Search Console are key to helping you ensure your website is displaying the right content.

Ensuring everything about your search rankings are spot on and up-to-date will increase the chance of new visitors over a longer period of time. Although it is important to make sure your SEO is kept up-to-date, otherwise your rankings will decrease.

A final thing to think about when you are creating an SEO friendly website is think of your users. If your website is user friendly, then Google will like that and your SEO will likely increase.

All of these things combined and a little bit of deeper down SEO, likely with an expert to help you, will help increase website visitors.

3. Promote, Collect, and Analyse

Social Media is now key to how you promote yourself online so utilise sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. But you can also use other digital promotion platforms like Google Ads and magazine placements. This will not only help your SEO in some respects but will also help get your brand out there.

Analytics are key to your website growth

But what is most important about this promotion is the collection and analysis of data you get back. One thing small businesses forget to do is collect important data about how promotional campaigns are working. This data is key to help you grow in your sales and marketing.

Using Google Analytics to bring all of your campaign data together to find out what works and what doesn’t for your audience. This helps fine-tune your promotional methods so you are putting your investment in the right places.

These methods are important and should be kept in check.

All of these methods are key steps to improving visitor numbers, but have to be worked on constantly in order to ensure continued website growth. They will also take time to fine-tune and find the right set of promotional methods that work for you.

This is where marketing consultants are able to help you, auditing your current marketing methods and recommending improvements that could be made in order to create better overall marketing for the business as a whole.

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